This Retirement Hobby Will Keep Your Mind Active & Healthy

Long-term health habits like proper nutrition, getting enough sleep, and staying physically active are all very important. But there’s one more element to maintaining a healthy mind, and this one is pure fun!

The right hobby can offer recreational fun, and also prevent cognitive decline. Researching your family’s history is a great way to have fun while maintaining good cognitive health. Here’s why genealogy is so good for your mental fitness:


Challenges your brain with mental exercise

As you research your ancestors and build your family tree, you’ll have to do all sorts of mental exercise. Keeping track of family members, checking for consistency of dates and places, and organizing family photos and documents all require some moderate brain acrobatics.

Exercising your brain maintains the health of individual brain cells. The mental exercise will stimulate communication between the cells, keeping your mind sharp.

Provides social contact

Family history research is inherently social. You’ll reach out to newfound relatives, ask seasoned genealogists for advice, and share your findings with other interested family members. Recent studies show that avoiding isolation and engaging in brain-healthy activities together with others is of utmost importance in maintaining a healthy mind.

Offers long-term enjoyment

Genealogy is a hobby without a shelf life. You could literally spend your entire lifetime researching just one branch of your family tree. And most genealogists are just fine with this endless supply of family history exploration — it’s addictive! All of this, of course, ensures you’ll keep pursuing your hobby, furthering your goal of engaging in mental fitness.

Gives your life meaning

The best forms of recreation are not only enjoyable, but also meaningful. In order to commit to engaging in brain-healthy activities, you need to feel that they are worthwhile. Higher engagement means greater activity, and better mental fitness. Researching your heritage is an opportunity to find out where and who you came from. As you make connections between family stories, map your discoveries on a family tree, and share your findings with the people you love, you’ll learn a lot about yourself while having a great brain workout.

Exploring your family history doesn’t require special training. And it’s a hobby that’s free and easy to start on. Now, that’s worth remembering!

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