You Won’t Believe Who’s in Your Family Tree

Tens of millions of people around the world are hard at work discovering their family history. Why?

We all want to know who we come from. We literally owe our ancestors our lives, and so we are incredibly curious to find out who these ancestors were. Discoveries we make about our ancestors – who they were, and what their lives were like – allow us to get a better understanding of ourselves. But there are lots of other great reasons to build your family tree and discover who is on it. 

Discover new relatives and ancestors you never knew existed 

Online family history exploration allows you to start with just a few names and other basic information, and watch your family tree grow before your eyes. MyHeritage’s matching technology makes matches between people in your tree and people in other trees, bringing you newfound relatives to contact and ancestors to learn more about. 

Preserve the stories of your elders

Stories of the older generation are a unique bridge to your family’s past. You can record and organize family lore right on your family site, and then confirm the details with historical records and documents about your family. MyHeritage will even send you records that match people in your tree automatically, so you don’t have to look.

A gift to the next generation

Once you uncover the fascinating stories of the ancestors on your family tree, you can share your discoveries with your loved ones. But you might want to do more than that: preserve your own personal memories, and your whole family’s legacy for future generations. The first step, of course, is starting your family tree. 

Preserve. Share.



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