This Man Found Out He Was Royalty.
You’ll Never Guess How!

“I was thrilled to find that my 9th Great-Grandfather was in fact The Duke of Argyll!”

Brian Campbell was a retired travel agent from Scotland until one day he discovered he was descended from royalty.


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Born in Edinburgh during the Second World War, he later moved to Canada and only started looking into his family history after his daughter gave birth to his first grandchild. She wanted to find out more about where the family came from, to be able to tell her children about their past.


With just a small push from his daughter, he started his journey into his family’s past and hasn’t looked back since! And he’s made some amazing discoveries along the way – including descending from royalty!


Just by building a free family tree at MyHeritage, Brian started to discover his ancestral past so imagine his shock when he discovered that his 9th great-grandfather was in fact the Duke of Argyll! The Dukes of Argyll were for several centuries the most powerful noble families in Scotland and Brian’s ancestor was the chief of the Scottish clan of Campbell!


Brain was able to trace his family tree back to 690 AD, and has created an amazing legacy to pass on to his grandchildren and to future generations. “MyHeritage has awakened Scottish Pride in our whole Family.”


The most important thing that Brian has learned is that when it comes to family history research, you just have to go-for-it and jump right in. You never know what you will uncover, but you are sure to make some amazing discoveries.

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